Control your trust level in trading
The marketplace for traders and investors with verified trade perfomance based on smart-contracts
who we are
The first dedicated marketplace for traders and investors on financial markets (crypto, FOREX, derivatives) supporting trust management based on trading performance confirmed by trade platforms' API. We use distributed ledger based on blockchain technology to verify declared trader's performance. Just like "uber" but for traders and investors!
Why list here?
Independent trader: your will gain investor attention based on peer-review of your performance
Investor: You will decrease your brokerage fee by cooperating with A+ traders based on plural truly independent peer-reviews backed by blockchain tech
Arbiter: Have extensive experience in trading? Be rewarded and trusted as a third-party for escalated claims
Early-bird registration
You will get an invite soon to register and be rewarded then
Starting business
We will notify you immediately after launch of the open beta
What is the result?
You will gain a first-comer advantage, and get fiat reward
Our contacts
Phone: +1 845 470 0766
460 Copper Drive Suite 040337 Newport, DE 19804
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